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The Forenew Inflation Device uses air to inflate the existing foreskin. The bulb air pump delivers air to the device, which in turn inflates the skin causing it to stretch, resulting in tissue expansion over a period of time.


Superior skin grip is provided by means of the dual skin gripper, whilst the one way valve minimises air loss. There is also the option to use the device with a 80g weighted collar, which provides additional tension to the skin.


The device comes compete with:


One piece nylon body.

Ribbed outer silicone retainer.

Inner skin silicone gripper.

Bulb air pump.

80 x 2.5cm Steroplast Sterostrip dressings.

20 x 10cm Opsite Flexifix transparent adhesive for dressing fixation.


The device primarily uses the direct method of inflation.


Please note the colour of the device may vary, and may be supplied in either grey or black.


Upon purchase a link to a video tutorial will be emailed providing guidance on fitting and use.


We do cater for foreskin widths above 44mm up to 50mm. These however are not stocked items and will have a much longer lead time. Please contact us for delivery times.

Forenew Inflation Foreskin Restoration Device

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